Learning what I thought I knew when I didn’t know

I had some days after hip surgery where I conjured up a conspiracy in my head where in fact the orthopedic surgeons were trying to ruin my life and stuck me with two unnecessary stainless steel pins in the femoral neck.

But more often I think I’m probably receiving a message from Valhalla or the heavens or spirit world, or whatever you believe in, and the message is retraining my form, my habits, posture, strength training and mental game. Specifically I have to strengthen my glutes and quads, work on my gait, massage my psoas, IT band and leg muscles so I can release some of the pressure on my increasingly Valgus knees, and work my way up the spine and to the slight kyphosis in my cervical spine. More specific: take anti-inflammatory herbs and joint health supplements like turmeric, Flexnow, glucosamine and chondroitin, more vitamin D and E. More yoga- later. When I’m not moving like a senior citizen.

If you’re not into anatomy you’re probably scratching your chin or rolling your eyes but the point is I need to retrain hat I thought I knew into what I need to know. Sure I’m 35 but at least I’m not 50. Sure I had a stress fracture and hip surgery but I didn’t have a hip or knee replacement and if I’m smart maybe I can get back into running, and back into shape, and maybe into the best shape of my life, and not even have to ever get more stainless steel in my body again- maybe.

I will run. Channel slightly demonic cartoon villain voice: oh yes, I will run. For now, still hobbling with a cane, my toddler is faster than me. That’s cool. I’ve got a future training buddy.

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